We like electric cars and we enjoy beautiful cars. And not just beautiful cars but unique cars. It’s easy to go to the store and buy a good looking or powerful car. If you are lucky, you will probably also appreciate it, but… do you like it or it just meets your daily needs?

We decided to make the car we want. And since we are in EV business we started to build a 100% fully electric car with a good range. The inspiration game from Meelis (our engineer) electric Pobeda and Urban Garage, which mainly restores old Porsche models.

You can see the goal on the right. A 356 Speedster + EV.

You have to start from somewhere to drive yourself further and create a classic EV of the highest quality and modern driving comfort was that start for us!

The 356 is the first Porsche and was originally built on the base of the VW 1200. So it came quite clear from what to start. After some research, it was also clear which beetle was the best for our project. Because we only needed the bottom. Everything else went back to the market.

The decision was made to leave gearbox also to EV and a special component was made for a new electric motor to be combined with the old refurbished gearbox. At the moment, the base and gearbox are in a workshop where everything gets cleaned up, new floorplates will replace the old rusty ones and all the broken parts will be renewed.

The base of the VW will be fully renewed. That means also thicker metal plates. The end result should look all black 100% restored bottom plate that is drivable if that would be the desire!