Sep 16, 2021

VolksWagen MicroBus

From zero to the hundred in seconds. Flashback to 1973 in this sweet T2, minted with 21st-century electric awe.

We were positively stoked to team up with another team to make this project possible.

Do you see a ZEV Garage Microbus in your future?

We build to order and can source and customize everything just for you. This classic Bus has all the bells and whistles. Literally. It’s packed with more options than ever built into any of our retrofits: a back up camera, so you can actually see where you’re going back there. Power Steering. Killer sound system. The classic was transformed from a smoky, outdated, air-cooled flat-four-cylinder into a sleek, modern electric.

For most classic vehicles, it’s the exterior that appeals to most people. How it looks and how it feels. So, its drivetrain can be altered and replaced without ruining any of that. One of my favorite things about the work we do at ZEV Garage is we create a conversion that, at first glance, doesn’t look like an EV. In our electric-powered cars, the batteries are hidden and the first giveaway is maybe that it’s missing an exhaust pipe. You’d never guess it’s electric until you listened as it drove by. I love that, that people would stop and stare at your beautiful classic, and then look again to try to work out what’s different.

Starting a new life as an electrified Hippie van it features a powertrain donated from today’s EV. Good for a decent 125 miles of range, its 35.8 kWh battery system resides underneath the front seats where the old fuel tank once was and has been reinforced and made fireproof. Located in the rear where an air-cooled four-cylinder once sat is a 100 kW synchronous electric motor. In the last host, it made 134 hp and 291 nm of torque.

Why have they decided to stuff the electric motors from a modern car into an old VW, you ask? It’s all about showing to the world that when everything goes electric, the classics need not go away.

Merging a historic model from an iconic brand with the technology of today is just one of many ways that we can step closer to a more sustainable future while continuing to enjoy our rich automotive heritage.