Crafted to perfection

Once a small, noisy car with a tiny engine, now a small, quiet car with a powerful motor.

ZEV Garage transforms cars to custom fully electric vehicles. Each vehicle is meticulously transformed by hand and transformation will make sure that the old donor car will not lose its originality and can always be turned to original factory state car without any visible acknowledgment about its former transformation.

Unlike gasmobiles, EVs get the best extended range when just driving around town. Driving at higher hIghway speeds for extended distance generally reduces range by 10-20%.

The transformation begins with the 100% electric powertrain, then select proprietary modifications complete the ZEV Garage performance package.

Want to see it in motion? Give us a call!

Placing an Order.

The process of having your custom built starts with a conversation via phone, email or in-person. Whether this involves a car you currently own or having us help find your perfect candidate, we’ll review the steps involved. We’ll identify an optimum configuration for your future vehicle, cover the basics and discuss additional upgrades or customizations that best meet your needs. When you’re ready, get in touch. Email garage@zevgarage.com.

What’s the payment schedule?
A nonrefundable 5000 euros holding deposit reserves your place in the ZEV Garage production schedule. 50% of the total project is due when scheduled project work begins. This allows us to order and line up specific parts required to begin the build. If your purchase of a vehicle is involved, payment is made separately, to the seller.

If I order a ZEV Garage custom, how long until delivery?
We will estimate a start date for your project to begin based on the current waiting list. The timetable varies. Delivery will occur generally no more than 4-5 months after work on your retrofit begins. Sometimes less.

After my production order and initial payment, how will I track progress on the car?
Once your vehicle customization begins, you will be updated every 30 days. You will receive digital photos of work accomplished to date. Your vehicle will be built strictly according to your original working agreement’s build sheet. If at some point along the way you decide to extend the scope of the original project with additional options, billing will occur in advance for any pre-approved labor and/or material costs exceeding the initial project estimate.